For he will never fail you!

Growing up was a difficult time for me.  My parents divorced when we were young and my mother struggled to make ends meet. My brother, sister and I had to do without a lot of things that the others kids had. It was a sad time for me. Too often, I painfully remember having to take calls from collection people who would threaten action for bills my mother didn’t pay. I was filled with insecurity and fear that we would be homeless.  It was a tough time and I learned to fend for myself because I thought that no one else was going to help. 


When I received Christ as my Savior many years ago, I wanted to know him as my provider.  God’s word told me that he would meet all my needs but it was a struggle for me to understand that he would not fail me.  Although I knew that there was no greater way to honor God than to take him at his word, I simply could not trust him completely. As I struggled with this for years, I prayed that God would give me his strength in this area of unbelief in my heart. 


A few years ago,  I made a decision to sponsor a child from Africa who lived with his family in abject poverty. And soon after that,  I sponsored two more children.  With my monthly donation to the Christian Children’s Organization, these children were given food, medicine and a chance to survive.  In addition, when I was able, I could send additional amounts to benefit the familyof these children. I wanted to help ease their life of poverty in some small way.


Several months ago, I  received a large dental bill that I thought insurance was going to cover. Instead, it appeared that I would have to come up with another thousand dollars to pay off this bill.  Suddenly, my old fears resurfaced.  I started to get anxious and fearful about how I was going to pay this bill. God had been faithful to me in the past, but I allowed this old demon to make me doubt once again.  Without reason, I started to panic. 


It was then that I realized that this fear was an attack by the enemy to steal my joy. This time, I decided to keep my eyes on God. With prayer and a sense of God’s strength in me,  I went to the Christian Children’s site on my computer and sent fifty dollars to Sorie, my child from Sierra Leone.  Instead of worrying about my own financial situation, I chose to seek the kingdom of God and his glory. By faith, I gave to this child and left my problem with God.  Immediately a sense of peace filled my entire body.  I submitted to God and the spirit of fear left me.  I knew that God was in control and later on,with his help, I  managed to pay that dental bill in full.


I did not know then the full ramifications of my obedience. Two months later I received a letter from Sorie’s father in Sierra Leone.  He told me that his son was to start in a school there but was first required to have money for the books that he would need.  He had applied to his country for help, but did not receive an answer.  It was the last day and it seemed that hope was fading when he received a call from the agency saying that they had my fifty dollar gift for them.  For a man who earns $167.00 a year, this more than met the need for his son’s books. He went on to write that when this money came, his son cried out, “Father, this is a miracle from God! We must put our hands together to pray for this woman who helped us”.


I was humbled and brought to my knees.  To think that God would use me and my problem to answer the prayer of a young child in Africa was way beyond my comprehension.  My God was not only going to help me, but he had a plan to use my obedience to bring a miracle to a boy across the world from me. All it took was for me to trust that God would not fail me. 


God knows our weaknesses and he is willing to meet us where we are.  He knew that I would need his strength to help me overcome my doubts.  That day I had an encounter with my God and his truth filled my heart.  I know now that he will always provide for what I need if I can walk in faith with believe that he will never fail me.